DA Girls16U Black Win NFVC Mayhem Tournament


DA Girls16U Black Win NFVC Mayhem Tournament

Durham Attack Girls 16U Black played through sweltering heat over the weekend and were rewarded with a first place win in the annual NFVB ‘Mayhem’ tournament. The tournament was held at the Buffalo Niagara Court Center, with twenty four teams competing.

DA dominated pool play and won all sets played against their first five opponents. The competition (and the playing conditions!) heated up in the elimination finals. First up was the MVC 16U team from Hamilton, with DA prevailing in two sets. With that win DA progressed to the semi-finals and faced a very tough game against Paradigm Rebellion; a 16U team from Rochester.  DA lost the first set, but redoubled their efforts and came back with wins in the second and third sets to secure a spot in the championship game.

The championship game was played against NFVB 16-2; the tournament hosts. Despite playing against home court advantage, DA won convincingly in two sets to achieve first place overall!

Congratulations to DA Girls 16U Black on a successful tournament. Good luck at Nationals!

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