DA Energy 12U Bugarski Cup Champions


DA Energy 12U Bugarski Cup Champions


DA Energy – 12U Girls Bugarski Cup Champions

The tournament started like every other tournament, get there by 8:15 am, have hair ready, on the court by 8:30 am. After the warm-up, we get straight to the game. The game against the Titans Extreme went really well. We played great and had a few rocky moments, but that is normal.  We won in two sets and we felt really good about it. Sure we could have done better but we still had a lot of fun and played volleyball.

We had a one-game break and we got straight to selling 50/50 tickets since we were hosting, yelling “50/50!” over and over again. We had a few snacks and before we knew it, it was game time again. Game two was against Markham Unity West and it was one of the harder games of that day. We lost the first set, and we told each other that there was a 3rd set for a reason and we are going to win the 2nd set. We got back to work and we won the 2nd set!  We were very happy and we felt like we were going to win the 3rd set, but we would have to work hard and be the best we could be. After a lot of hard work, we were the first to get to 8 points and felt like we have a chance. After we switched sides we got a bit rocky and they were catching up. Let me tell you, sitting on the bench watching this is very hard. We have to just sit and cheer on our teammates while trying to hide our nerves. After playing amazing, we won! We were so excited and that means we were 1st in our pool and that also means we get a longer lunch! At lunch, we sat down in a circle and told a lot of riddles and there was a free court so we played for a bit. We also had to do the 50/50 again and lunch is the best time to sell, and we sold a lot of tickets!

Then we had to play against the Northumberland Breakers in the quarter-finals, we played pretty good and won. We had no break between the quarterfinals and the semi-finals, and for the semi-finals, we played the Ottawa Mavericks and they were a harder match but we won in two sets.   After we finished the semi-finals we realized that the other semi-finals had not even started. So we had some food to energize us before the gold medal match and we were instructed not to play volleyball during our short one-game break, but we could not help ourselves and some of us played a bit. In the finals, we played Markham Unity West again. That game we started off strong, and we won the first set! We were so excited that we might actually have a chance to win the gold! The second set started off good, we and Markham were neck and neck and nobody got very far ahead of the other one. After a lot of close points, we finally got ahead and on a little mistake by Markham and then we won the gold! We were so happy and all of us ran out on the court and we started hugging! After a lot of pictures and I mean a lot, we went to dinner and after all the fun we called it a night. The team played great, I love my coaches and I will never forget that amazing day!

Written by #77 Alyson Elliott


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