DA 14UG ENERGY – WIN GOLD at 15U Tournament in Scarborough!!


DA 14UG ENERGY – WIN GOLD at 15U Tournament in Scarborough!!

DA 14UG ENERGY – WIN GOLD at 15U Tournament in Scarborough!!

The DA Energy team started off their morning a wee bit sluggish for their first game versus the Peterborough Thunder Red. The girls pushed through their morning fog and won the set in two straight games.

Their second match was against the top 15U Peterborough Thunder Black team. The now fully awake team won their first game against this strong team. The second game proved somewhat tighter. An amazing quick executed by Julia helped the girls take the lead. Jamie’s save getting the ball off the wall set up a play for Sarah’s precise set for an effective execution by Payton. Even with these plays and efforts they faced their first loss of the day, forcing a third set. Starting close to the lunch hour (11:40am) the girls hit the court for this third game with a purpose. Winning with a streak of nine points of the game with Paige’s strong serves. A fantastic block by Sadie saw the teams at switchover of side. A time out was called by the Thunder at 10-0 for this determined DA squad. Brianna held firm at the service line and led the Energy to a 13-3 lead. With a winner hit by Briar the girls took the game at 15-4. This was a fantastic showcase of determination by these amazing athletes!!

After finishing first in their pool it was off to the cafeteria for a well deserved lunch break ….with a delicious buffet provided by our wonderful parents! Everyone was now all fuelled up for the afternoon.

First up after lunch was the 15U Kingston team as our opponents. Strong serving and smart plays triggered a time out called by Kingston at 9-2 for our DA girls. A well placed hit by Breann led the girls to an 11-3 early lead. This Energy teams’ collective efforts was rewarded with a 25-12 win. Starting off game two was made a statement by a killer hit by Kelsi. Solid play with three touch points, “quicks” and solid serving helped lead this Energy team to a 25-13 victory.

It was a very long game break for the girls while we waited to see who we were to face next. The team finally hit the courts to warm up at 3pm. We found our sister DA 14U Rage team on the other side of the net. Always a great Club rivalry with lots of pep and focus from both sides. Great hits and solid serving and defence saw an early lead by Energy. With the score at 12-04 DA Rage called a time out. Our Energy girls kept on their game and took a 20-07 lead. Keeping with their bread and butter skills DA Energy won the game ending with a 25-13 final score. The second game quickly began and the Rage took an early lead and Coach Rob called a time out at 09-16 to refocus the team. It worked as our girls fought back to tie it up at 16 all. Rage were now firmly on their heels and called their first time out. Amazing serves and mental toughness set in as the girls dug deep and won 25-19 …… on to the gold medal match!!!!

The 15U Scarborough Titan Terror team were on court one waiting for Energy to take the floor. Shaking off a bit of nerves the Energy team started playing their game. It was a point for point game until the Energy persevered and won with a score of 25-22. Newly recharged our DA Energy team took to game two with an ignited and renewed purpose to claim the victory. Each point and rally saw every player engaged and executing the plays from practice. Their skills and successful execution of these plays was rewarded with a 26-17 win! This day, there was no denying that this Energy team was purely GOLDEN!!

Congratulations girls on winning GOLD at this 15U tournament. You have shown your skills and ability to dig deep and have the mental toughness to believe in yourselves!!

A big shout out to all our parents and supporters for without you, we would not have this amazing group of girls to be privileged to cheer on at these tournaments!!

Thanks to our coaches for their continued commitment and dedication to helping our girls improve and push this Team to reach and surpass their own expectations!! OHANA!!

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