DA 14U Explosion at 15UG Provincial


DA 14U Explosion at 15UG Provincial

On November 3, 2018 Durham Attack’s 14UG Explosion made their season debut at the 15UG Provincial Cup in Oshawa.

The girls played their first game against Maverick Stampede.  Out of the gate the Explosion came out strong and confident.  The girls fought hard and took two sets.

Their next game was against Durham Attack 15U Fusion.  Our girls fought hard but in the end they lost two sets.

The third game was against Titians Helios.  The lead changed hands many times but both teams fought hard.  The Explosion lost in two sets to Titans Helios.

Their last game was against Etobicoke Titans.  The Explosion regrouped and came out hard.  Learning from the past two games the girls stayed calm and worked for each point.  The Explosion took the game in two sets.

At the end of the day the 14U Explosion came in 5th.

Well done girls, we are proud of you.

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