We’re always looking for your feedback – and happy to provide information to you. To contact the Club please register use the contact information below.

  • Executive

    Contact our executive

    President Scott Burrows 905-706-5766 scott.burrows@durhamattack.ca
    Vice President, 12-15U Janet Cairns 905-725-3092 janet.cairns@durhamattack.ca
    Vice President, 16-18U Dwayne Cochrane  905-903-2010  dwayne.cochrane@durhamattack.ca
    Vice President, Operations Michael May    michael.may@durhamattack.ca
    Treasurer Lisa Willson   treasurer@durhamattack.ca
    Secretary Sophie Nicholson-Clarke   secretary@durhamattack.ca Boy’s House League Scott Burrows (905) 706-5766 scott.burrows@durhamattack.ca Girl’s House League Chris Williamson (905)409-2387 chris.williamson@durhamattack.ca

  • Operations

    Contact for specific areas of our operations

    Physical Training Mike Slean   mike.slean@durhamattack.ca
    Mental Training Kyle Paquette   kyle@marblelabs.ca
    Web & Communications Larry Skelly   web@durhamattack.ca
    To Submit Team Photos <open position>   web@durhamattack.ca
    Registrar Chris Williamson 905-725-3092 chris.williamson@durhamattack.ca
    Uniforms Barb Bourgeois / Christine Lui   uniforms@durhamattack.ca
    Facilities TBD   TBD
    Tournament Hosting Sue Harris / Todd Orrett / Kris Williams   tournaments@durhamattack.ca
    DURHAM ATTACK cares / Athlete Assistance Program Larry Skelly   DAcares@durhamattack.ca

  • Inquiries

    To ask specific questions use these contacts

    13U – 15U Teams Janet Cairns 905-725-3092 janet.cairns@durhamattack.ca
    16U – 18U Teams Dwayne Cochrane  905-903-2010  dwayne.cochrane@durhamattack.ca
    Finances, Sitting Volleyball Michael May   michael.may@durhamattack.ca
    SPIKES & Girls House League Chris Williamson 905-725-3092 girlshouseleague@durhamattack.ca
    Summer Beach Program Chris Williamson 905-725-3092 beach@durhamattack.ca
    Boys House League Scott Burrows 905-721-9042 boyshouseleague@durhamattack.ca
    Boys/Girls Summer Camp Chris Williamson 905-725-3092 chris.williamson@durhamattack.ca
    I’d like to be a sponsor! <open position>    

  • Send Us a Message

    Submit feedback or send a question

    Use the appropriate contact information above to get prompt feedback within 24 hours.  

    If you cannot find the specific contact you are looking for above then use this contact form. We will forward the message to the appropriate member of our operational team, who will reply within 48 hours.  

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