Chaos Theory


Chaos Theory

On November 2nd, the U13 Girls Durham Attack Black team, ironically named Chaos, commenced their 2013/14 season at the Waterloo Tiger’s Invitational in Cambridge.  Despite facing largely 14U competition in their first outing as a team, the girls gave a good account of themselves both in victory and defeat.

The first match of the day saw the girls meet the Stratford Stingers in a spirited contest.  Chaos reigned as our team went on a 7 point run to start the first set.  When the Stingers swarmed back later to take a 12-11 lead, the girls maintained their composure and rallied, winning by a score of 25-18.  Despite falling 19-25 in the second set the girls showed great skill and determination by coming from behind to tie the score twice.

In continuation of the theme of things that sting, the girls next faced the Scorpions.  While at first glance this 14U team of Amazons appeared capable of rocking us like a hurricane (Sorry, 1980’s allusion), Chaos played extraordinarily well, digging out cannonball serves while dealing out multiple service aces of their own. While the sets ended 21-25 and 20-25 the Scorpions left the court with their poisonous tails between their legs, saved only by the efforts of a server with a hot hand.

From stingers to claws, Chaos encountered the Guelph Grizzlies in their third match.  While the first set ended 22-25 after tight, back and forth action, there was to be no mauling done today, as the girls pulled out their bear spray and controlled the Grizzlies in the second set, winning 25-13.

After a refreshing 480 second lunch break, our girls returned to the court to face the Brantford Tornadoes; and this tornado was a F5.  Rushed back into action without a sufficient break the girls had a hard time settling into a rhythm and fell behind early.  After a tough 17-25 loss to the strong Brantford side, Chaos rallied back in the second set to trade the lead before falling 19-25 in a hard fought contest.

The last match of the day saw the unexpected meeting of our girls in black with their club mates, the Heat.  A rivalry was born in Cambridge as both teams vied to be Queens of Durham Volleyball.  Chaos grasped the tiara firmly in the first set, winning 25-12 on account of their dominant serving, only to see the Heat turn up in the second set for a 20-25 conclusion.  While neither side happily conceded a point to the other, all present were impressed by the evident strength of 13U Girls’ volleyball at Durham Attack.

The team departed Cambridge excited and motivated to continue their training. Their play throughout the day showed glimpses of brilliance, and their resilience and cohesiveness gave evidence of the birth of a team.  In Chaos Theory reference is often made to the Butterfly Effect.  The term comes from the suggestion that the flapping of a single butterfly’s wings can affect the weather on the other side of the world.  What this means is that even seemingly small changes can have a dramatic effect, given time.  Today we saw the flapping of many little wings.  The girls take to the court again for the Provincial Cup Tournament on November 30th.

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