Chaos on the Path to the Provincials


Chaos on the Path to the Provincials

While remembered today as one of the more remarkable American presidents, in his youth Abraham Lincoln went to war as a captain and returned as a private.  This demotion was not indicative of the talent or potential of this great individual, but more reflective of the vagaries of life that can see us one day a rooster, the next a feather duster.  Such was the Bugarski Cup for the girls of Durham Attack Black.

The day began with a spirited match against the hard working girls of Durham Attack Avalanche.  While always a worthy opponent, on this day the controlled, methodical play of Black coupled with their dominance at the net, proved too much for the Avalanche girls.  In their 25-8, 25-17 straight set wins Chaos seemed poised for yet another trip to the medal rounds.  Alas, on this day it was not to be the case.

Throughout their matches at the Bugarski Cup, the girls of Chaos saw themselves repeatedly on the edge of victory only to have fate intervene.  Against nemesis STVC Titanium they played wonderfully in the 25-22, 20-25 sets only to drop another heartbreaking third set 12-15.  Against the Markham Stingers they fought hard to come back and win the first set 25-23, then suffered a setback in performance in the second that ended 16-25, thus producing the exciting, rally filled third set that saw their efforts again go unrewarded in the 13-15 conclusion.  The final match of the tournament reinforced the theme of the day as the girls dominated the Aurora Storm Avalanche yet couldn’t seem to finish them off, falling inexplicably in straight sets by the same 25-27 score.  They had again worked hard and played well against tough competition only to have the balls fall in their opponents favour.

While the outcome of the Bugarski Cup was somewhat disappointing for our girls of Chaos, their experience taught them humility and the value of hard work.  Thomas Edison made one thousand unsuccessful attempts to produce a functioning lightbulb.  Every failure, however, was instructive in leading him to the successful prototype.  Durham Attack Black know they can win against the best 13U competition in Ontario. This weekend gave them some insight into what it will take to realize that goal.  They will embark this week on a course of training that will culminate at the provincials in April.  All teams should be forewarned – Chaos is coming for you.

Article written by Dave Farrell


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