Breaking News: 13U Girls Black Sought After Gold Heist and Brazen Escape From Kingston


Breaking News: 13U Girls Black Sought After Gold Heist and Brazen Escape From Kingston

The 13U Durham Attack Black Dynamite once again showed their tenacity as they travelled to Historic Kingston and Queen’s University in their first “over-nighter” tournament, 13U Girls McGregor Cup Jan 24, 2015. It was a rematch to the Nov 2014 tournament hosted in Oshawa where the Black took all five matches winning all sets. It seems Groundhog Day came early this year as the Girls awoke that morning and didn’t see their shadows. The prediction was: no six week delay from Tournament victory. The Black Dynamite relived their November performance by taking home the Gold, winning all five matches and not losing a set. Bill Murray and Wiarton Willie would be proud!

The first match was against the host team Pegasus – the flying Equus ferus caballus (….ok ..ok we were at a university after all!). It was a much different story this time for Dynamite who had previously enjoyed double pizza in November. Dynamite was quite charitable and allowed Pegasus extra flying time as the first set went the distance before Pegasus was reined in. It appears the extra exercise from Set one was just what Dynamite needed as the Black harnessed Pegasus for a short ride in Set two. [Match 25-23//25-13]

The next match brought on Ottawa Fusion. It looks as if the proximity of the Royal Military College (RMC) may have had some positive influences on Dynamite as they executed a passing and setting strategy with discipline and precision. While their spike barrages needed some minor calibration on distance control, their defensive line at the net was impenetrable with well executed blocks and targeted tipping. Good thing the “Pens” are closed as Dynamite took no prisoners. [Match 25-7//25-14]
After a long furlough, in rolled the Breakers from Cobourg. Dynamite carried the same momentum from the previous Match and once again applied a disciplined game of net play that became the cornerstone of their defensive fortress. [Match 25-14//25-19]

Off to the Semi-Finals against Dynamite’s sister team TNT Red. Dynamite was determined to take advantage of this venue of higher learning to once again deliver their history curriculum and promote a learning experience to be remembered. The first set was decisive and had the immediate explosive start from Dynamite we have grown accustomed to. The strong blocking and crafty tipping at the net delivered the lesson. Set two was much different and we weren’t sure if Dynamite went to recess or decided to play hooky. Fortunately, truancy is not part of Dynamite’s make-up and despite trailing for the majority of the match, they applied themselves and remained focused and disciplined. They made the grade! I don’t think Ferris Bueller could have pulled that off. [Match 25-10//25-23]

Off to the Gold medal match and the return of Pegasus and their quest to alter the course of fate launched earlier that day. Dynamite once again initiated a disciplined game of setting and spiking as a reminder that Set one in the first Match was an anomaly that provided false hope. But to their credit, Pegasus regrouped and flew out of the gates for Set two taking the lead for the first half of the game. Undeterred, Dynamite, true to form, reminded all that they can never be counted out and rallied to victory. [Match 25-16 //25-21]

The first overnight tournament proved to be a golden experience for Dynamite Black. The Queen’s campus was a perfect backdrop to lessons shared by all in discipline, tenacity, and creativity. The tournament rematch is in the history books and our competitors will come to realize that even, “A Little DAB’ll Do Ya”, can be too much… D-urham A-ttack B-lack is always tough to handle. :)Chrisie

On an anecdotal note – It was noticed by some visiting spectators that the Durham crowd was very enthusiastic at times and was given kudos for starting the “wave” in the stands. Little did they know that it wasn’t really the “wave” but the birth of a new fan experience called, “Game Score Sudoku”. This is where the fans lose track of the score and try to guess the score of the game which is only verified for brief random moments. What makes it even more exciting is when the scorekeepers get into it. A new fan experience has been born – fun for the whole family!

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