Boys 18U Black Season begins


Boys 18U Black Season begins

November 20,2014

When last we saw most of these young men, they were the solid 2013/14 edition of the 17U Boys Black. Now, with the advent of a new season of Volleyball, the bulk of that team has returned for one more shot at the title, or titles, to be more accurate. They have a legacy to live up to…but no pressure guys, filling the shoes of last years Durham Attack 18U Boys Provincial Champions.

Returning this year are Jared Harris, Tristan Swinden, John Deacon, Alex Tsai, Aleks (Cody) Vagners, Nelson Ramsay, Brad Whitlock and Jordan Barkley. Filling out the roster is Alex Hatzinikou, returning to the team after a season on the dark side (another club) and Greg McArton, a Durham Attack 16U player last season. Occasionally throughout the season, the talented Sid Wilding will also be joining the roster. Coaching this group, we have new Head Coach Ian Eibbitt and returning coach Mike Slean, this year sharing the Assistant Coach’s role with Chris Graham.

As of this writing, the team has already hit the courts for some “warmup” ball before the 1st OVA tournament in early December. They recently took part in the OVL’s Men’s Tournament at Durham College. This was an excellent opportunity for the boys to put into play the lessons the coaching staff has been drilling into them since practice began in late September, without the pressure of the need to win. They used the tournament to focus on their technique, style and teamwork and get in some competitive touches.

Under the close scrutiny of Ian, Mike and Chris, the boys were kept on their toes from the first whistle. Showing a new found maturity and determination, Durham Attack proved themselves worthy opponents throughout this day of competition. They took a decent number of sets and kept the score close on those they didn’t. Their biggest success of the day came in the crossover game when they showed just how hungry they could be. With focused play and dominating in all areas, this team carried the momentum and took both sets from Centennial College in solid fashion. While they didn’t make it past the quarters, Durham played well, while giving the coaches a good idea of areas to work on in future practices. At the end of the day, it can be reported that they distinguished themselves as a team with potential and the coaches felt it was a good start to the season.

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