Boys 15U Warriors Capture Bronze


Boys 15U Warriors Capture Bronze

After coming off of a Consolation win at their Exhibition tournament on October 28th, The Warriors were hungry for more.

They entered into the Provincial cup on November 24th with intentions of putting their names on the map and getting the respect that they deserved.
They started their play against the Ottawa Maverick Brigade team and cruised to a win against them.

Next up was the Ottawa Maverick Cavalry team. Word on the street was that this was slated as Ottawa’s B team and had a mix of high caliber and mid-level players on the court. They beat the Warriors in the first set with very few problems. In the second set the Warriors put up more of a fight and made the game close, but in the end, the Cavalry got the best of them.

They then had to play the Evolution team. The boys started to gel a lot more and were able to pull off a victory against them. They then had to wait for the winner of the Unity vs. Pegasus game. Markham Unity West it was. The Warriors put up a good fight, but they suffered the same fate as they did to the Maverick Cavalry. Once again this team got the best of the Warriors.

The loss to Unity West put the Warriors in a fight for the Bronze medal, but they would have to get past the mighty Durham Rebel Volleyball Club to claim it. Under the leadership of Head coach Michelle “Mad Dog” Cooke and Assistant Coach Kenny “The Killer” Reid, the Warriors were not going to let DRVC get the better of them.

It was a fierce battle, and after two sets the teams had to go to a tiebreaker. DRVC was not going away, and it seemed that they had a hitter that was maximizing his skill set and placing the ball almost exactly where he wanted to put it. That didn’t worry the Warriors though. As time went on, they were able to keep their composure and gained momentum leading them to a victory and the Bronze medal.

Please keep your eyes on this team people; I sense that we will be hearing a lot about them in them in the future.




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