Back to Back Silver Medal Performances for the Durham Attack 14U Rage – Dec 3, 2016


Back to Back Silver Medal Performances for the Durham Attack 14U Rage – Dec 3, 2016

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Coming off their silver medal winning performance at their first 14U OVA tournament, the Durham Attack Rage entered their first 15U OVA tournament ranked ninth out of nine teams.

In there opening set loss against North Cumberland the Rage started off a little tentative and perhaps slightly intimidated due to their ranking. It was made apparent right from the beginning that medaling in this tourney would be no easy task.

Following the first set loss the girls regrouped swiftly and put on a masterful display of teamwork and effort in a nail bitter of a comeback!!! The Rage won back to back hard fought sets 25-20 / and 15-9.

The team from Durham carried their momentum forward from there, handily beating their opponent from Peterborough in straight sets 25-8 and 25-11 in their final group match.

With the opening round scare and a powerful second match win behind them, the Rage entered the playoff round as a number 1 seed for the second consecutive week!!!!

After a very lengthy break the girls would face the 15U team from Kingston. Most teams coming off a 2 hour break would have shown a bit of rust….not the Rage, they came out firing on all cylinders and advanced over a highly skilled Kingston team with a spirited 2 set win 25-15 and 25-21.

Next in the way of the Rages Rampage to the top was another 15U team from the town of Peterborough. With the girls growing and playing as a cohesive unit, they quite handily dispatched the Peterborough team from The Tourney and earned a consecutive appearance in a Goal Medal Final!!!

Playing as the underdog long shot in the 15U Gold medal game, the girls put forth a valiant fight and came within a whisper once again of taking a number one ranked (DRVC 15U ) to a final set for gold!

As stated earlier, medaling in this tourney would be no easy task, but “The Durham Attack Rage” seem to have found the right chemistry required to succeed no matter what the ask!

“Congrats Rage” on painting the town of Port Hope in Silver!!!!!!

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