Apples-to-Apples Fee Comparison


Apples-to-Apples Fee Comparison

As you enter tryouts, we encourage you to see what other clubs are offering, but be careful when comparing fees. We collaborate with other clubs in the OVA and often find that what we offer in our standard programme for all athletes is restricted to elite programs at other clubs, with higher fees, or not provided at all.

We budget to break even each season so there is nothing extra baked in. We have a track record of being open and a history of delivering higher value so feel free to ask us questions at tryouts.

What do my registration fees cover, in addition to the usual practices and equipment?

  • An average of nearly three coaches per team.  At last count we were at 57 coaches.
  • All OVA athlete, coach and tournament registration fees for tournaments in your age group (average cost of $324 per athlete)
  • All necessary NCCP training and certification for your coaches
  • Travel expenses for all coaches to all your age group tournaments, including provincials
  • Coach compensation consistent with leading clubs
  • A dedicated Technical Director working 100% with our coaches and teams and responsible for the technical quality of our program
  • A 14 week mental training program including athlete workbooks and coach training
  • Club-wide implementation of TeamSnap Premium for every team
  • End of season awards banquet at Deer Creek Golf and Conference Centre
  • The DA Cares program and athlete assistance to support those in our community with a demonstrated need
  • Club initiatives that save our families money, which last season included 18 locally hosted tournaments saving each team at least one out-of-town trip, and discounted hotel rates which saved our families more than $70,000
  • Madawaska Team Building weekend camp including busing
  • Eight month physical training programme in a volleyball-specific training facility, with athlete access to open gym time for the entire season

Our uniforms are separate from our fees, when required.

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