There was a Silver Lining to the story of the Durham Attack Flares first 14U Tournament!

    Our 13U Flares entered last week’s ( 9 team) 14U Tournament in Coburg as the bottom ranked seed. Bottom seed they will be no more as there spectacular play seen them capture their second Silver of the season!

    After two extremely well played, straight set wins against DRVC (25-22 / 25-9) and Markham East (30-28 / 25-18) the girls were seeded number one coming out of their pool. Their awesome round robin result seen our Attack vaulted into a Semi Finals match against North Cumberland. This match-up proved to be a test of endurance as the first two sets were played to a virtual draw ( 25-22 / 21 -25 ). The third and deciding game of the match was a bit of a nail bitter and in the end our Girls “Rocket Serves”  made the difference. Those “Rockets” brought our Flares a big win (15-12) and another chance to play in a Gold Medal Final!

    In the Gold Medal Final our 13U Durham Attack Flares played great team ball and definitely held their own against the 14U team the Wild Cat Tigers. The first set went back and forth and then it went back and forth again! Only for a couple of (almost unnoticeable) miscues did the girls miss out on winning their first gold medal set of the season losing (23-25). The end result of the Gold Medal match was a two set loss on the score sheet, however the end result of the tournament produced a lot of chatter in the 14U ranks!  That chatter was simply this……..

    “ That 13U team from Durham called the Flare’s is a team not to be taken lightly and back on the rise in the OVA” !!!!

    See you all in Kingston!

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