Another medal for Girls 15U – Flare!!


Another medal for Girls 15U – Flare!!

At the 15U Challenge Cup in Barrie on January 11th, the girls were plagued by injuries and illness.  They didn’t exactly come out swinging first thing in the morning but, once they got on track, it was difficult to stop them.  Once again, almost every match went to three sets but, when it counted, Flare did well.  The cheerleaders helped push the girls through and the end result was a Bronze medal.  Excellent work!

As an aside, not to be deterred by warnings and threats against using cooking devices that needed to be plugged in, rebel Julie Reid found a way to provide two crock-pots of hot stuff.  She plugged them into her car!  Awesome, Julie!

Flare will be back in action this Saturday, January 25th at the 16U McGregor Cup tournament in Cobourg.  Stay healthy girls!  We DO NOT want to have to dress Jeff in a wig and shorts.

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