Another medal for 13U Durham Attack Heat!


Another medal for 13U Durham Attack Heat!

On Saturday, February 8th Durham Attack Heat helped host the 13U MacGregor Cup at Maxwell Heights in Oshawa. Heat had a great day, starting with winning back-to-back matches against the Ottawa Mavricks Sidewinders (25-17 and 25-20), then against Kingston’s Pegasus (25-8 and 25-15). Consistent three-hit plays and a strong defense continued and the team went on to win both games against the Ottawa Mavrick Rattlers (25-21 and 25-22). After these three matches, the girls were on a high, having won six straight games. They all were experiencing some great volleyball, most notably: long rallies, solid passes and outstanding vertical jumps at the net. After lunch the team returned to win game one (25-21) against STVC Infinity, losing game two (14-25), then winning the tie-breaker (15-6). At this point, the girls could of won an award for team sprit! They supported each other through play, whether the passes were made or not. This spirit carried into their next match against STVC Titanium, where the team lost both games of the match (10-15 and 25-18). The day ended with Heat competing and winning the bronze match against the Ottawa Mavrick Sidewinders. Way to go Heat! Another medal. Special thanks to all the parents who helped in the set-up and plan the tournament, to the coaches and managers for their dedication, leadership and enthusiasm, and to the parents for providing a daylong feast for all!

Photo of Durham Attack's 13U girl's volleyball Heat with their medals after wining the bronze at the OVA McGregor Cup
Durham Attack’s 13U girl’s volleyball Heat wins the bronze at the OVA McGregor Cup
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