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Welcome to the Durham Attack Volleyball Club. Established in 1992, Durham Attack is one of the premier volleyball clubs in Canada, with 26 national tier 1 championships and 32 Ontario tier 1 championships since 2001, with an equal number of tier one silver and bronze medal finishes. With the motto “developing character through the pursuit of excellence” we are dedicated to teaching our athletes the skills they need to be successful both on the court and in life.

There are some details below… but the net is that “Sport has the power to inspire people, to transform communities and to change lives” (Dr. Bruce Kidd.) We aspire to develop our athletes to enable them to achieve great things, both on and off the court, and to create great members of our community.


The club has a grass-roots, community-based approach to growth, incorporating both a recreational and an elite program. The club is run by dedicated volunteers and fueled by many of the province’s premier coaches. Our volunteer coaches contribute more than 16,000 hours to the community each season. Our goal is to bring volleyball to the youth of Durham while teaching them the core values of integrity, dedication and commitment, skills necessary for success both on the court and in life. The mandate “developing character through the pursuit of excellence” is at the centre of all that we do as a club, from players to coaches to parents. As a volleyball community, the success of each member is shared by all as together we are able to achieve more.


The objectives of our club are:

  1. To maintain a competitive and recognized club:
    To identify, attract (but not recruit), develop and promote athletes.
    To involve our athletes in the support of our programs that give back to our community.
    To maintain a quality program with continuous growth for athletes leading to participation in volleyball at the Provincial, College and University, National and International levels.
    To maintain the organizational, legal and financial framework required to support the Club in the pursuit of its visions and objectives.
  2. To develop great members of our community, using volleyball as a vehicle to promote and enhance the development of youth through participation in the sport of volleyball:
    To create and maintain an environment that teaches core values, develops character and promotes leadership, responsibility and accountability among all of its members.
  3. To focus on Accessibility and Inclusion in our house leagues and sitting volleyball programs, and in our competitive programs from 12U to 15U, in order to expose as many athletes as possible to our sport and to build a broad base of support.
  4. To provide the advanced technical, physical and mental training required to build Elite Teams from 16U to 18U.
  5. To properly prepare our athletes for their post-Club volleyball careers, and their post-volleyball careers.

Our expectations for our members is outlined in our Codes of Conduct for Athletes and Coaches, and for parents of member athletes in our Parent Code of Conduct.

Our mission is: Developing character through the pursuit of excellence


  1. We are a community-based, non-profit organization committed to training and developing athletes through competitive participation in the sport of volleyball.
  2. Our mission is to develop character through the pursuit of excellence in all we do, from our athletes, to our coaches, our parents and our administration. Though we all love the sport of volleyball, and hope our athletes continue to be involved for their lifetimes, we view the sport as an opportunity and a vehicle for developing truly great members of our community.
  3. We are a group of coaches, parents, and athletes supported by a strong administrative structure with clear areas of accountability and channels of communication.
  4. We are committed to developing the whole athlete through the latest coaching techniques and philosophies consistent with Ontario Volleyball, Volleyball Canada, and the national framework for Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD).
  5. The definition of “success” will vary for each team and at each age level, but in general it is achieved by the development of each individual athlete on the team to his or her maximum potential within the season, and by the team competing and finishing to the best of its ability at Provincials and Nationals.
  6. We provide our elite athletes with access to Regional, Provincial, National and International programs and competition.
  7. We provide experience and guidance to families whose son or daughter may be qualified to pursue post-secondary athletic opportunities.
  8. We provide financial support to families who demonstrate the need.
  9. We expect coaches, players, and parents to always encourage good sportsmanship and always act with high personal integrity when representing the Club.
  10. We create positive awareness within the community by developing a working relationship with area schools, community groups, municipalities, universities and colleges, and the OVA.
  11. We are an open, interactive and transparent organization that listens to the needs of the parents and athletes of the Club, and of the community.


Respect fellow teammates, coaches, and Club, and support them to your utmost in your team endeavours.
Embrace your role on the team, and execute that role to the best of your ability.
Treat all opposing athletes, coaches, officials and spectators with respect.
Exhibit the same standard of behavior when out in public, as you do on the court. Realize that when off the court you are a representative of Durham Attack.

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