A Spectacular Performance Worthy Of “National” Attention!!!!!


A Spectacular Performance Worthy Of “National” Attention!!!!!

The Durham Attack Rage entered this past weekend’s 14U Division 1 National Championships as the 19th ranked team.  The girls that made up this dynamic team seemed to care little about their ranking and more about playing to their “full potential” in their last Competition of the year!  All believed if they played at this level the “Rage” would be playing on Sunday with a chance to win the National Crown!!!!

Entering Day 1 as the third ranked seed out of the 4 teams in their pool,  the girls had their eyes set on avenging their Provincial’s loss to their arch rival the Scarborough Titan Eclipses!  Right from the first serve of the game it was obvious the coaches message of playing to their “full potential” had sunk deeply in!  With the girls knowledge that the previous two matches against this formidable foe went to third and deciding sets, the girls approach this time around was not to take their foot of the gas!  They peppered the team from  Scarborough from start to finish with thunderous hits and also put on a spectacular display of decisive defense, which inevitably propelled the “Rage” to a straight  sets win over the “Eclipse”!  The Rage carried this momentum to a spirted 2-1 winning record on Day 1 which moved them up in the rankings and suddenly made a Tier 1 Sunday appearance a realistic goal!

With their Day 1 spectacular performance behind them,  the Rage would be up against three consecutive power houses,  all seeded higher than them on Day 2.  Some wondered if the Rage were capable of duplicating their earlier performance and effort?  The wondering stopped instantaneously with the opening Saturday whistle as the Team from Durham out dueled the Mavericks from Ottawa in an astonishing upset win !  An appearance on Sunday in Tier 1 was no longer a goal it now seemed as if it was their destiny, in order to fulfill this destiny they had to win one of their final remaining two matches!  In the afternoon, coming off their fantastic performance by the girls in their 3 set loss to the top ranked “Forest Green” team , it was going to be their third and final match against the team from Woodstock that would decide the Rage’s fate!  A win would see them play on Sunday for a chance to win the National Crown and a loss would relegate them down a Tier!

After a very competitive split in the first two games against Woodstock the girls found themselves down big time (14-7) in set three of the deciding match, a time out was then called on the floor by the “Rage” Coaching Staff. We may never know what message was delivered to the girls by the Coaches or even what the communication was between the girls, but what happened after the timeout was something you would expect to see in a Hollywood movie!  It went something like this…………………. 14-8, 14-9, 14-10, 14-11, 14-12, 14-13, 14-14, 14-15-14-16 resulting in a phenomenal come from behind win and a Sunday Tier 1 appearance!!!!!!

“Championship Sunday” would prove that the Durham Attack Volleyball Club is a formidable one as the Rage would be pitted against their Club Rival “The Durham Attack Energy” in their (8 Team – Tier 1) early morning match!  Again the “Rage” put on a great performance jumping out to a 16-14 lead over the highly ranked Energy, their eventual loss to the Energy would provide little disappointment as all in attendance would say that their 5th place finish, high level performance, steady progression and climb up the rankings was perhaps the highlight of the National Tournament!

The Fantastic “Process” the Girls all had the opportunity to be a part of throughout the year defiantly delivered the Coaches and Parents desired “Outcome” for the girls both on and off the court!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all involved for providing a fantastic  2016/2017 Volleyball Season!!!!!

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