Those Durham Attack Warriors just seem to get better by the second.

After winning a bronze medal late in 2018. They were really thirsty for more and coaches Mrs. Cooke and Mr. Reid aimed to give them a chance to quench that thirst.

On January 12ththe team entered the Uxbridge Secondary school for the 15U Challenge cup and first faced off against the Titans Cyclops and were able to do away with them. Up next was DRVC. The Warriors struggled and it went 3 sets but they were still victorious against them.

On to the playoffs and their first test was against the Titans Rage. Warriors won the first set and had trouble but were able to win a tough second set. Then they matched up against Venom. This would be the first real test for the Warriors as Venom was one of the toughest teams in the conference.

It went a gruelling 3 sets but once again the Warriors were victorious.

After this, the boys were undefeated and moving onto the gold medal match with DRVC, whom they have beaten in the regular play.

The Warriors gave it their all while coaches Cooke and Reid were trying to work their magic, but It was to no avail. They lost taking home the silver.

Though it was loss and a silver medal, by doing so the boys now have everyone’s eyes open. And have told every that they are a force that no one in the 15U world can overlook.

Written by: Nelvin Forde


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