18U Boys Win Ontario!


18U Boys Win Ontario!

This past weekend our 18U boys won the Ontario championship.

DA 18U Boys – 2014 Provincial Champions

It is perhaps the hardest OVA title to win as players jockey for winning teams in their final year before university, this squad of five Durham Attack veterans and five new DA brethren is improving every week they play.  While it took us half a season to meld as a team, we have progressed up through the ranks in Ontario each tournament and earned a very solid 10-0 record against Ontario’s best this past weekend, capped with an OVA Tier 1 Gold medal.

It was an all around team effort.  After great pool play, a key 2-0 win over LVC Fire at the end of day two eased our path into the finals on day three.  Once there we played our aggressive attacking game and for the second time this tournament beat an extremely talented LVC team.

Video of the finals is here.

Congratulations to Jeremy Williams for being named to the 18U All Star team!

I have to say, at my 10th year at Provincials, that it seems to be getting harder, as every match was winnable by either team.  We faced great teams, both new and old foes: Ottawa Fusion, our perpetual rivals; Thundercats (twice) a great team that is relatively new on the scene, Guelph who we have struggled with sometimes in the past, and others.  And LVC on day two, and again in the finals.  But we’ve matured and we have a lot of depth, and were able to engage everyone and weather any storm that beset us.

This is a group of guys (5 + 5) who met at tryouts and instantly converged on a mission of winning this season, bonded at our Madawaska Teambuilding camp, and after some initial growing pains has improved very rapidly in the new year.  A nicer and closer group of ten guys you could not meet.

And the exciting part is that we have only achieved the first of three goals, as we go to Edmonton in 10 days, and Houston a month and a half later.

First objective achieved.  Nationals in a week and a half, let’s focus on goal #2.



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