17U Boy’s Provincial Championships


17U Boy’s Provincial Championships

Post Provincial Championships
April 24-27,2014

While the end of the Provincial Championships didn’t play out as everyone would have liked, the Durham Attack 17U boys have quite the season of both highs and lows to reflect upon. Bringing home division 2 gold from not one but two American tournaments, along with their medals from our regular season tournaments, proves that they are more than what the final rankings may suggest. Yes, they have had some disappointments along the way, but overall it was a very successful season. Successful in that plenty of lessons were learned and positive development could be seen in each player throughout the season. It wouldn’t be too difficult to make up an action packed highlight reel for each player as they all contributed each and every week, not only at the OVA tournaments, both 17U and 18U,but at their practices, conditioning sessions and their adventures outside the warm embrace of the OVA, when they took up the challenge of a couple of men’s league tournaments as well as the two American invitationals.

Yes, the outcome of the Provincials could have been better, but I believe none of the boys would say this has been anything but another year of excellent experiences, development and most importantly, character building.

And let us not forget, there is still one more chance for the team to shine, finishing up the 2014 season as they will at the National Championships in Edmonton the 2nd weekend of May.

Onward and upward!

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