16U Power Capture Gold in 17U Tournament!!


16U Power Capture Gold in 17U Tournament!!

Coming off their impressive move up the USA volleyball rankings at the Washington Capitol Hill Volleyball Tournament, the Durham Attack 16U Power entered their Final 17U tournament of the season primed and ready to capture Gold!

With an amazing display of unity, effort and persistence the Durham Attack Girls did just what they set out to accomplish!

With a morning split of games behind them, the girls put on a powerful afternoon attack and won two straight games to advance to the Gold Medal match against Ottawa! In the “Gold Medal Thriller” the Attack Power found themselves down 13-11 in a gruelling final third and deciding set. With parents and spectators alike all on the edge of their seats, a time-out was called by the Attack Coaching staff.  The game resumed and moments later the Attack Power, Players and all their Supporters began jumping up and down and screaming in jubilation as the Girls had completed an impressive come from behind 15-13 win over the team from Ottawa to secure their first Gold Medal of the Year!

Their Road Trip to Washington DC seemed to have set the Girls of the Attack Power up for one of their most impressive performances of the Season!

Congrats “ Attack Power” well deserved!!!!!

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