16U Intensity Getting Stronger


16U Intensity Getting Stronger

November 15, 2014
16U Provincial Cup, Championship East
Keswick, ON

This year’s 16U Intensity write-ups are being done by our players. This tournament’s write-up has been prepared by Lana Della Rocca.

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The team of ten girls from Durham Attack Intensity came to Keswick one player down with our teammate, Taylor Butcher, sustaining a concussion in practice earlier in the week. Nonetheless, we were a determined and focused unit taking the court Saturday morning for the first match against DRVC; our first match in 16U of the 2014-15 campaign.

Building on the focus and leadership from our coaches Rob Piccione and Mike Cirone, we came out playing sharp and intelligent volleyball Saturday morning. We took the DRVC “A” team to three sets by using strong blocking and smart hitting from Julia Harvey and Julia Verbanac; and diligent work to not let a ball hit the floor without one of my Intensity teammates hitting the floor with it! We battled hard, but the breaks went DRVC’s way and we lost a tight match in the third set.

Playing back-to-back we faced a strong Leaside Lightning team next, and despite showing the same grit and heart, we lost both games by just 2 points each; but it was evident that we were becoming a stronger team by the game and we would never let an opponent win a point against us without forcing them to earn it!

After an awesome lunch break (thanks to all our parents who are not only are biggest fans but awesome cooks too) we squared off against Kingston Pegasus in the play-in match. From the opening moments, it was clear we were not going to be denied in this match. With precise serving from Bianca Cirone; great blocking and attacking from Brianna Partridge, Paige Evans, Alyssa Lajoie, and Lauren Kaminski; plus superb passing from all of the Intensity 9, we won in two of our best sets of the season so far. This set us for a match up with the defending Provincial and National champion, Storm Vortex.

Our match against Storm was part of the learning curve for us. We played a team who has played together for years, and it showed. Despite taking a loss to Storm we never hung our heads and in the second game we pushed them hard to win points, and make a game of it. But eventually we fell in 2 straight sets, which set us up for a re-match against DRVC. Despite being battered and bruised, we hit the floor time and time again against DRVC. Ashley Forgie saved point after point in the backcourt for us and we played with purpose and drive, winning points with smarts and tireless determination. When we lost a point, we always pushed back! Unfortunately we did not win our final game of the day that we once again forced to three sets, but we walked away from Keswick with the satisfaction of knowing we were building as a team, and coming together on the court.

Our compete level was never in question and with hard work at practice, and off the court, we will continue to get better. I am so proud of how we played because we played for each other, and I know we will build on our efforts from this experience. I am extremely happy to be a part of this team, and can’t wait for our next tournament! GO INTENSITY !!!

Lana Della Rocca, Player
16U Intensity

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Editor’s Note: Lana, you failed to give yourself any credit in here which you truly deserve. Great setting and protecting that net!

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