16U and 18U Team Ontario Programs


16U and 18U Team Ontario Programs

We are excited to announce that the OVA is running a 16U Team Ontario program this summer, along with their 18U program.    Registration closes on Wednesday May 20th.

Important note:  Your region is determined by where you live, not where you play.  Durham athletes are Region 4; athletes from Toronto are Region 5.  To verify you can find the OVA’s regional boundaries by clicking here.  (Don’t ask me how to use this map to do that, it doesn’t appear to work!)

***Please check the OVA web site regularly for updates to these programs as not all information has been posted yet.

16U HPC & Team Ontario

Each region will be hosting open tryouts for a designated number of spots to attend the OVA’s High Performance Centre, the training camp from which they select the athletes for each provincial team.  For the first time this season the OVA is adding a 16U HPC and provincial teams, opening up the opportunity for 16U and younger athletes.  You can find more information, and a link for registering in the NRS, by clicking here.

Open tryouts will be held on May 30th (girls) and May 31st (boys) from 8:30 – 4:30 at a venue that is still to be determined.  We will keep you posted here, and you can always get more information on the OVA web site or by contacting the Region 4 Executive.

18U HPC & Team Ontario

The OVA is running a single boys open tryout for HPC, and girls  ‘eastern’ and ‘western’ open tryouts.  The boys tryout is at Brock University on May 31st.  The girls eastern tryout will be held at Durham College on May 31st (girls).  The OVA has not published times yet, but we have been told they are 8:00 – 9:00 for signin, and 9:00 – 4:30 for the tryout.  Please keep an eye on their web site – 18U information and registration here.

Coaches – We Need Your Help

We are looking for Region 4 coaches to assist with the 16U open tryouts.  If you are able to help for either day, please contact Martin Paul at region4president@ontariovolleyball.org.







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