• 15U Girls Ignite! Busts a Rhyme

    So you play for … some other team?
    Well, you must think you’re a smarty
    Except you’ve got toads on your bench
    Not Linda, Kiana and Marty

    And you’re on the wrong side of the net!
    Oops, sorry, might bean ya
    but you’re on the business end
    Of a hit from Katrina

    Wait a sec!  Let me get something straight…

    There’s hits?  Shots??  Attacks and kills???
    I think the cops are gonna jail ya!
    Scratching their heads as they
    Slap the cuffs on Kayla

    Whoa!  It just hit me
    I just had an epiphany
    If I wore the double twos
    I could pound them like Stephanie

    ’cause we’re not mice out there
    We’re not gerbils, not marmots
    We’re packing some serious heat
    We’ve got cannons like Charlotte

    And you’ll never find Ignite
    At the end of our rope
    Swinging through the jungle
    Me Tarzan, you Hope

    We play for D.A.!
    We don’t wear petticoats or crinoline
    We wear lycra and knee pads
    Well … not if you’re Carolyn

    And speaking of knee pads
    What’s that smelling so gamey?
    Aw, it doesn’t matter
    When you wear a big smile like Amy

    But seriously!  I can’t breathe
    Get me out of this dilemma
    Someone jump up, grab some air
    Like you do when you’re Emma

    Here’s how they’ll try to get a point
    They’ll follow steps one, two and three
    They’ll jump up, they’ll hit the ball
    And they’ll *try* to get it past Bri

    And it don’t matter if they block one
    – that ain’t no free pass –
    ’cause from up high to down low
    It’s gettin’ dug up by Klass

    Besides, Ignite always has the spirit
    To come back and to rally
    So, come on, make some noise
    And get loud just like Halle

    Now listen here, ladies
    Let’s get out there and fight
    We ain’t no featherweights
    We’re D.A. Ignite!

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