15U Boys take GOLD in Kingston!!!!!


15U Boys take GOLD in Kingston!!!!!

On February 20, 2016 the 15U Boys played in the Burgarski Cup.  Having had a slower start this season and coming off a silver medal last tournament the Boys were hungry for the Gold.  The day proved to be a success for the boys.

Starting in the first game of the day the boys played Maverick Bandits.  The won both games 25-22 and 25-18.  Being the first game of the morning the boys had yet to find their voices and had to work hard for both wins.   The energy was low but they were blocking extremely well and it has to be noted they made a great come back in the first game.  The second match was vs. Pegasus.  They won 25-12, really out playing the other team and seemed to have finally woken up but then lost the second game 23-25.  they seemed to have lost their voices, made a few service errors and a couple errors with out balls.  This pushed a third game that they had to really work for and was more difficult then it should have been for the very talented boys and they pulled out a 15-11 win.

Lunchtime a time to break and regroup leading to crossovers.  First match was against the Kingston VC.  The boys lost some team and perhaps had the post eating I would like a nap now mentality.  It was lucky for them that the Kingston VC was in the same zone.   Both teams seemed to be flat and have little energy and what appeared to me as what have been an easy win the booys had too many errors and had to fight for every point.  They managed to rally through it and won 25-18 and 25-21.  Now unbeaten throughout the day spirits seemed to be lifting and energy was rising.  The potential for a gold medal was in their sights.  A VERY powerful motivator.  Game 4 of the day they faced fusion a team that had been playing well all day.  The boys were motivated and had found their stride.  These were the best games of the match by far.  They starting flowing, collapsing, backing off and communicating.  This resulted in a 25-17 and 25-19 win for the boys and a match win.

Last game of the day is against Leaside, their rival. Oh how sweet would victory be now!  They played fast and hard.   The energy was in the air!  They were equally matched and both wanting the win.  Both teams battled hard but with zero service errors, unsurpassed passing, hitting and blocking well our boys could not be beat.  They played smart and placed the ball with precision on the court and won 25-21 and 25-20.  It was an amazing set to watch!  The boys were unbeaten for the day and secured the GOLD medal and moved up a division.

The boys are ready to take on the new division and have shown us all that they are a force to reckoned with.  We are all excited to see them continue to progress towards Provincials and Nationals.



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