14UG Voltage Provincial Cup Stouffville


14UG Voltage Provincial Cup Stouffville

The 2014-2015 season has brought together a talented and determined selection of old acquaintances (from several past Durham Attack rep house league teams) and some new friends to form the Durham Attack 14U Girls “Voltage” team. Coach Dan and assistant coach Taylor, have accepted the challenge, and are steadily moulding the athletes and personalities into one cohesive unit.

On November 29, Voltage played in their first OVA tournament. On a day of mixed fortunes the fifth place finish was real, but not a reflection of the team that showed periods of dominance over each team they played. Voltage showed themselves capable of beating every team they played, and the team should be particularly proud of the way they finished the day.

On many occasions through the day, players stepped up to encourage and inspire their teammates when the going was tough. This commitment to the Team was never more present than when working together under pressure, they secured the win over the Markham Stingers Black in three sets, finishing the day on a high note.

Coaches, parents and suppporters are extremely proud of the way the girls played and are looking forward to how we can improve as a Team. Adjustments and strategies are already in place with the goal to improving the Team and getting us to a a top three finish!!


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