14UG Explosion Gives Back to Community


14UG Explosion Gives Back to Community

This year the team members of the Durham Attack Girls 14U Explosion team gave back to the community by sponsoring Christmas for a needy family in their community.  We approached our local community help organization and found a family of 8, 4 children ages 4 months, 2, 5, 9 and 13, who required assistance to make Christmas this year.

The girls, with the help of their families bought clothing, crafts, dolls, sheets, blankets, towels, coats and even mall gift cards for the family and carefully wrapped them for delivery.

With the presents wrapped and feelings of good tidings, the girls took the presents and presented them to the mother who was there to represent the family.

Well done girls.  Let’s all try to leave the place a little better then when we found it.  Merry Christmas.

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