14U Spitfires play hard in Kitchener


14U Spitfires play hard in Kitchener

The boys 14U Spitfires headed to Kitchener last weekend for their 2nd 14U tournament of the season. They were off to a strong start with some big hits in the first set against the Niagara Rapids Legends. The energy was high, and the boys won the first set 25-18 and the second set 25-20. After a break, the boys were up against the Scorpions Evolution team from Cambridge. They stayed strong throughout the match, winning both sets and ending the morning with first place in their pool.

After a long lunch break and a bye, the boys headed into a game against Forest City. It was a game of big hits and lots of digs, but Durham came out on the losing end after three sets. The Spitfires shook off the loss and headed into their game against the Pakmen after a pep talk from Coach Adam. The team displayed real heart and a willingness to use any part of their bodies to get the job done during the game against the Pakmen.  A head bump and a perfect pancake weren’t enough to keep the team alive in the tournament though, as they lost in 2 sets to the Pakmen.

While they may not have won the tournament, the team demonstrated great sportsmanship and a commitment to supporting each other throughout the day. With their positive attitudes and strong skills, the Spitfires are destined for a great season!

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