14U Girls Voltage – Challenge Cup Stouffville


14U Girls Voltage – Challenge Cup Stouffville

The morning began with light flurries outside and the Voltage quickly brought that theme inside. Their first match against DRVC moved swiftly and efficiently. The girls started strong with many excellently executed kills and some awesome defensive digs. Carolyn, Kassandra and Stephanie served numerous consecutive serves that helped the Team pull out a 25-08 victory. Game two saw a tiny dip in the energy levels but a string of great serves by Jordan triggered a renewed sense of purpose. Riley and Ashley showed some great muscle and the Team’s effort was rewarded with a 25-16 victory.

After a match’s rest, the Voltage now faced their sister DA Red Devils team. A bit sluggish after their break the girls had a slower start than in game one. Kick started by Kirsten’s serving aces the athletes got back into playing their positions and success was within their grasp. Some amazing floor dives by Madison and Jenna enable the girls to reach their 25-16 win.

Match three was up next facing their Phoenix opponents. The biggest call out for this game was 100% serve accuracy by all on the court!!! There were a few long court delays but the girls stayed focused on their task at hand. A 25-18 win was the last chapter of this game. Their second game here showed off Savana’s first rate digs and Katrina’s tips were wonderfully executed. Echoing their first game closely, their efforts were rewarded by at 25-19 win.

As the quarter finals began the Voltage nerves were sparking quite brilliantly. While the girls did their best they suffered their first loss of the day with a score of 20-25 at the hands of the the Markham Stingers. Game two was a nail biter for all those watching. The Stingers were placing many passes into the short court that unfortunately hit the floor on our side. The girls rallied back, played cohesively and won game two at 25-15. Onto our first three game set all day. The energy was high around the gym as many spectators were eagerly awaiting the results. Again, the girls dealt with some court delays but did their best to keep focused on playing their game. It was a very close game but in the end the Stingers came out on top and beat the Voltage at 12-15.

A very quick break for the girls and then onto the match to play the Titans Titanium for the bronze medal. It had been a long day as the Voltage began their match at 5:25pm. After coming off a fresh stinging loss, the Team was a bit listless and tired. While they played hard for these two games, as they had all day, the girls succumbed to the Titans and lost their berth for a medal – this time ’round.

This experience has provided the Voltage athletes with further experience, especially in the critical quarter final rounds, that they can take with them into future tournaments. While the girls did not end their day with a medal, the taste of playing in the quarter finals brings them one step closer to securing hardware in future tournaments.

Thanks for the delicious lunch buffet offering to fuel everyone up for the afternoon. Sincere and continued thanks to all parents and supporters for cheering on the Voltage team throughout the day!!

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