14U Girls Black at the Provincials


14U Girls Black at the Provincials

The girls of 14U Black enjoyed a successful 2014-15 season with an impressive medal tally of three gold and a bronze. While they did not manage to add to that total at the Provincials, they did succeed in thrilling their fans by exhibiting what team videographer Rodney “Yadyam” Timbol described as ‘greatness’.

While I had, as always, through my painfully inefficient note taking, made a careful accounting of each point, play and extraordinary moment, I thought this time I would put it aside and rely instead on recall.

In the past three days I recollect having seen:

-Float serves by Charlotte that required an in-depth knowledge of spherical harmonics to return.

-A hit by Jayda that has left a young lady now having to explain for the rest of her life why she has Mikasa tattooed on her forearms.

Maddi being able to block almost everything at RIM Park and nothing at the Royal Brock hotel.

Shay digging like a boss out of five and hitting a quick that brought the crowd to their feet.

Amy brilliantly dropping balls into defensive holes like coins into a well.

Sara spending so much time at the service line that Canada Post forwarded her mail there.

Jaimie moving faster than small town gossip as she reached balls others would have long abandoned.

Kate, after a kill, struggling to find a compromise between smiling and swagger.

Alex setting more successful quicks in one set than our opponents hit in the entire weekend.

Demiah consistently hitting the bait and switch, where your body says cross-court but your arm says line.

Rebecca generously giving a free clinic in how outside hitters fix sets and turn them into cross court killers.


I saw a wonderfully talented group of girls who never gave up on a single ball; who never put themselves before their team; and who exhibited a high standard of competitiveness and sportsmanship that made their coaches, parents, and club tremendously proud.  It has been an absolute pleasure to watch this team mature over the past season and to document their trials and triumphs.  The success they have experienced can be attributed to their native skill and dedication, but also to the quality of coaching they have enjoyed. While Provincials have now concluded, Nationals still await and there are battles yet to be fought.  Were I a betting man, I would not wager against this team. Go west, young ladies… and conquer. Go DA!

Article written by David Farrell

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