14U Boys play in Back to Back OVA Tournaments


14U Boys play in Back to Back OVA Tournaments

Jan 17th was the first tournament back for our U14 boys.  Moving up in division after having done so well in the last tournament the boys faced more challenging teams.  The winter break (and perhaps January weather) seemed to cause our boys to go a little cold as the day was not their best, something was amiss as our boys struggled to find their voices and glue as a team on the court.  All day they battled hard and they never gave up but it was a little too late as they rallied back at the end of the day.  Together they learned the bitter lesson of defeat, important for any team and supported each other through it.  Unfortunately however, this meant a drop in division for their next 14U tournament.

Our talented coaching team seeing and knowing the potential of these young men seemed determined to make the boys see it too and not let them wallow in the loss.  The next week they practiced hard and were pushed to do their best.  Skills that appeared  to elude them at the tournament, that had  previously seemed to come naturally to our talented boys, were drilled and re-drilled with positive comments and criticism ( I was exhausted just watching!)  All in preparation for the rest of the season and honestly in life as well.

Jan 24th the boys played up in the 15u division.   We were all impressed to see the boys rebound from the weekend before.  Narrowly losing the first 2 sets and battling hard through out the day.   Skills emerged again in earnest and fluidity on the court was apparent.   They were matched against more mature and often much taller teams but were by no means the weaker team.  In fact, they were often the  better team but bad luck and inexperience would be the other teams advantage.    The highlight for many I am sure was the match against our own club’s 15U boys.  The 14U boys were narrowly  beat both sets.  It was a challenge for both teams with final scores of 23-25 and 24-26.   The tournament overall placed them in 9th.

Though the 14U boys had lost a bit of momentum and  had  a bit of a shaky start to the new year, they are working hard, growing every week and every tournament.  We are confident the boys will be able to accomplish their goals for this season and  “Won’t be beat” on many levels in the very near future!

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