13UG Avalanche Proud Showing at Provincials


13UG Avalanche Proud Showing at Provincials

The 13UG Avalanche Team’s inaugural season ended at this week’s Provincial tournament in Waterloo.

These amazing young athletes finished with a ranking of 9th in the Province!!!
This is an achievement beyond all expectations and is a reflection of this talented, spirited, positive young team.

At each and every tournament, multiple coaches, teams, parents and officials alike commented on how talented, tenacious and “scrappy” the Avalanche team was during each play and in all games.

A shout out to our sister 13UG teams for their continuous support and cheering during our many shared tournaments.

The foundation of a team is directly attributed to their leadership. Our special thanks to our remarkable coaching team.

Joel, we are grateful for teaching your athletes the volleyball fundamentals, setting boundaries, and always injecting an element of fun.

Steph, our special thanks to you for learning the ropes, always wanting the best for the Team and nurturing the Avalanche team all season.

Taylor, we are indebted to you for showing the Team what being “tough” means, keeping everyone laughing and always being available to flawlessly demonstrate a drill.

A special thanks to our enthusiastic, encouraging and supportive parents who were always there for practices, car pooling and tournaments.

Here’s to all the memories and friendships forged along the way.
May the “CTE” remain forever proud of themselves and look back upon their first competitive year with the fondest of memories and the utmost pride!

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