13U Girls TNT Proud Showing at Niagara College


13U Girls TNT Proud Showing at Niagara College

This was the TNT’s first time on the court heading into a 14U tournament.

The girls showed little nerves as they loudly cheered together to kick off their matches. While they settled into the new level of play the TNT played well against their first opponents, the Niagara Rapids. These tall Niagara girls gave us a tough match but the TNT held their heads high and continued to fight for each and every point. Unfortunately the TNT lost this one to Niagara.

Next up for the TNT was the ever wardrobe changing Defensa team. This was an extremely disciplined team and while the girls dug deep they were unable to capitalize a victory.

While playing the Smash Jags the TNT had renewed energy and were able to force and win a three game match. The cheers could be heard loudly and our girls deserved this hard won set.

The TNT team did not have any breaks between games and seemed the only team to play many back to back matches. They didn’t lose steam and continued to persevere throughout the day. Our athletes did not give up and chased down several points throughout the day.

The girls were seeded 10th in the tournament and through their hard work and tenacity left the courts moving up to 7th place finish. A truly great showing playing a tournament up this early in the season.

It is clear that the TNT are continually improving upon their technical skills and growing as a team. The Team spirit and comradery are evident throughout their tournaments, both on and off the courts.

Keep up the great work!!

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