13U Girls Red TNT Play Well at Provincials


13U Girls Red TNT Play Well at Provincials

This is what it is all about…the Ontario Championships!
Team TNT has been practicing hard and taking in every bit of advice given by both Coach Jeannine and Coach Gord leading up to this weekend.

Day 1
With the luck of the draw the girls first opponents were their sister team the mighty DA Black Dynamite. TNT was calm and cool…better to get this over with early in the day and to move on. They had a great start to the match and played better than ever against this very strong team. TNT did however lose both sets 25:12 and 25:19.
The next match was against MVC Black from Hamilton. It was a very tight start to the first set. TNT had a bit of a lead on the competitor only to lose 25:21 and 25:10.
TNT had some time to refuel before the next match before playing Leaside Lighting to which they were familiar with. The first point was very well-played in this very tight match to which TNT won 25:21 with a beautiful tip to end the first set. The second set was a slower start with TNT never being able to gain the lead losing 25:22. Off to the tie-breaking set. TNT again was not able to match to power of the Lighting losing 15:11.

Day 2
After being re-pooled Team TNT’s first match of the day was against Forest City. TNT started strong, never giving up the lead resulting in a win 25:16. Second match was a little closer, play point for point until the end as TNT pulled ahead and again scored a very nice last point with a great tip winning 25:17.
The second game was against the Orillia Suns. TNT was off to another strong start putting some very strong moves on the opponent taking both sets 25:10 and 25:18.
In the last game of the day TNT met the Stratford VC Stingers. This was a very impressive game as it was point for point from start to finish. TNT was fully charged winning the first set 28:26. The second set was almost a mirror image of the first only this time TNT lost 26:24. Off to another tie-breaker which TNT was determined to win and they did 15:3.
This would place TNT 1st in their pool going into the third and final day.

Day 3
Again, with the luck of the draw, TNT’s opponent was the Scarborough Titans Quest. The first game was not TNT’s best, losing 25:8. The girls knew that they were better than that and showed much better in the second set only to lose 25:21 which put an end to their day and the 13U season.
TNT was ranked 9th going into the Provincials and did well to maintain their ranking as in the end they placed tied for 9th.
It is a great experience for all and a lot of fun was had by this amazing team of girls.
Way to go Team TNT!!

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