13U Girls Red Flare Take Home Silver From First Tournament in Ottawa


13U Girls Red Flare Take Home Silver From First Tournament in Ottawa

The Girls had a tentative start to their first match against the Toronto Evolution VC. After they lost game one they quickly adjusted to the competitive tournament play and secured the next two games with focused play to win the match.  With this momentum they moved on and swept their next two matches against Ottawa Fusion and Maverick Sidewinders to capture the first seed in their pool.

In the elimination round, the girls cruised through their quarter-final match against Maverick Sidewinders with 25-9 and 25-19 scores respectively which vaulted them into medal contention! With the win, Durham Attack Team Flare moved to the Semi-final match against the undefeated Durham Attack Thunder which appeared to be the girls toughest test yet. It was a bit of a nail bitter and a hard played game by both squads! In the end the girls determination shown through and they were once again victorious with 25-22 and 25 -17 wins which placed them in the finals!  In the finals our undefeated girls encountered the taller (but not mightier) undefeated Durham Attack Black Nightmare which proved to be a challenge. The girls played a solid match against them and came up just a bit short from striking gold and took home the coveted SILVER!!!

What a great day for the Durham Attack VC (GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE) and even a greater weekend for our Girls!!!

This was the first game the girls had played together and they played terrific, came together as a team on the court and most importantly had a lot and fun together while bonding with each other.  Very proud of all of these girls and special thanks to Jason and Adam for all their efforts and preparation!!

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