13U Girls Black Win Gold @ 13U Provincial Cup; 13U Girls Own the Podium


13U Girls Black Win Gold @ 13U Provincial Cup; 13U Girls Own the Podium

There are no CNN breaking news reports or front page headlines but Oshawa was invaded on Saturday November 15, 2014. The 13U Girls Provincial Cup-Trillium F was subject to the full barrage from the Durham Attack arsenal. The Durham Attack athletes’ dominant play resulted in owning the podium with the Dynamite (Durham Attack Black) team taking home the Gold, undefeated in all sets winning all five matches. TNT took the Silver and the Devils the Bronze. Dynamite’s teamwork, selfless play and discipline held the competitors at bay with no opponent mustering the required 25 points, even in total combined sets, over the five matches.

The Ottawa Fusion were first to realize that while their namesake may power the sun it also produces helium. They failed to rise to the occasion and Dynamite inhaled them. It was no laughing matter. The question of, “who is hotter than hot?” was clearly answered with Dynamite. [Match 25-2 // 25-14]

Next came the Maverick Sidewinders. Dynamite had a long fuse in the beginning and took a few minutes to get started. Once the fuse ignited, Dynamite squashed any hopes of a possible ambush and had the Sidewinders earning their unique mode of locomotion as they were forced to move around the court. The Sidewinders succumbed to the controlled setting, artful tipping and iron curtain blocking of Dynamite. [Match 25-13 // 25-11]

After dominating the first two matches it was hard to fathom Dynamite could become more lethal. They faced the Northhumberland Breakers. It didn’t take long to realize that the Dynamite explosion from the first two matches had created a shock wave launching the next natural disaster. The Dynamite unleashed a tsunami that created waves that made the opening of Hawaii Five-0 look like a mere ripple. This was truly a lesson in fluid dynamics as Dynamite had a systematic and natural flow about them. The precision passing and setting of Dynamite had the Breakers crashing ashore. [Match 25-4 // 25-5]
The next match was a rewriting of Greek mythology that the great Homer himself couldn’t do poetic justice. In flew the Pegasus team from Kingston. It wasn’t long before the Kingston crew were looking to the sky for Zeus to aid in this ill-fated odyssey only to find the lightning bolts they would receive were coming from Dynamite’s serves and powerful spikes. Pegasus was grounded quickly and rendered flightless. [Match 25-8 // 25-6]

The Championship match of the tournament was setting up to be explosive with Dynamite taking on TNT. Dynamite took them to school and reminded them that Dynamite has an energy / kg factor of 1.25 vs TNT’s 1.0. The chemistry of Dynamite was impossible to overcome and TNT failed to detonate. Dynamite was truly the bomb!! [Match 25-8// 25-13]

Dynamite played the entire tournament with spirit, tenacity, and humbleness with all athletes making strong contributions. This is surely a testament to the leadership, guidance and commitment of the coaches. If this first tournament is indicative of the season ahead they will need more defibrillators in the school gymnasiums as this team has heart.……..and it will be tough to survive this heart ATTACK.

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