13U Girls – Black Panthers at 14U Girls Challenge Cup


13U Girls – Black Panthers at 14U Girls Challenge Cup

13U Girls – Black Panthers played at the 14U Challenge Cup in Cobourg.

Their first game was against DRVC 13U team.  The panthers won the first set but lost the second and third.  Their next game was against Scarborough Titans Menace 13U.  They lost both sets.

After a quick lunch break the Panthers played their first cross over game against The Northumberland Breakers.  The girls were able to shake off the losses of the morning and take game in two straight sets.

Their next game was against DRVC 14U.  They were able to keep their momentum by winning the first set, but, in the end the Panthers lost the second and third sets.

The Panthers were now playing for 5th place.  Their opponent was DRVC 13U.  They had lost to them earlier in the day.  The panthers came out energized and won two straight sets.

Congratulations Panthers for taking 5th place.

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