13U Girls Black Dynamite take Silver at 14U Girls McGregor Cup


13U Girls Black Dynamite take Silver at 14U Girls McGregor Cup

On Saturday February 21, 2015, the Girls 13U Black Dynamite competed, above level, in the 14U Girls McGregor Cup in Oshawa. Equipped with enthusiasm, skill and passion for the sport, the girls were excited to let the games begin!

Match one brought on Durham Region Volleyball Club (DRVC) – Orange. The Dynamite wasted no time establishing their game plan which was a full-on serving attack coming from just a few sticks of Dynamite. DRVC had no response and the match ended quickly. Be careful when you call 439-0000 as you might be redirected to Dynamite’s answering machine. [Match 25-6//25-5]

Match two presented the PVB Patriots – a previous opponent in the King City crusade in January. The first set started a little flat for Dynamite as their first lead came at the 7-6 mark largely attributed to spikes being just off the mark. Like the first match, the serving game was the cornerstone for Dynamite as they cruised to victory. In the second set, Dynamite had great control and setting and handled the Patriots serving game with comfort. This could not be said for the Patriots as Dynamite’s serving game was once again too much to handle. With Dynamite victories in January and February, the Patriots should beware the ides of March! [Match 25-16//25-9]

For match three the Markham Wildcats pounced in. Set one for Dynamite was again uncharacteristically slow with the first lead not coming until 10-9. The Attack settled in and applied some strong net play and relied on “old faithful”….strong serving brought victory. For set two the Wildcats regrouped and Dynamite could not decipher the felinese movements of this cat and they quickly fell behind. Despite a strong last minute comeback they ran out of catwalk. On to the tie-breaker. Dynamite wasn’t wasting any time and was determined to declaw this kitty. A focused approach and some great digging (the folks in the oil sands would have been impressed) brought a quick lead which was never relinquished. A purrfect ending. [Match 25-15//23-25//15-4]

On to the medal rounds with the next match against big sister – 14U Durham Attack Red Illusion. While born under Durham Attack, these sisters have been reared apart and nothing like a little volleyball to lend some insight to nature vs nurture. What a match!! Both sets characterized by long rallies and see-saw battles….10-10, 13-13, 16-16. Durham Attack should be proud as both teams played with heart. But on this day, it is little sister Dynamite who prevails! [Match 25-22//25-21]

Gold medal match ahead against the Scarborough Titans Rage. Dynamite got a taste of their own medicine against a strong serving opponent. The first set was once again a see-saw battle. The strong blocking of Dynamite brought a hard fought victory. The second set had both teams starting off slow on the serving front but quickly picked up pace. The loss in the first set must have fueled the Rage as they took the lead early. Despite long rallies on both sides, the Titans prevailed. On to the tie-breaker where the Rage lived up to their name. They delivered a fury of strong serving at the start of the match to build an early lead of 6-1. This was too much ground to give in a short set and despite the tenacity of Dynamite, the Titans prevailed.

For the 13U Girls Black Dynamite, this is their first medal in a 14U tournament! While the age-old debate of “youth vs experience” is here to stay, Black Dynamite proved in this tournament that “youth” stands for “talent” – the 13U Black have plenty of it!

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