13U Girls Black Dynamite Elevate Their Game in Stouffville


13U Girls Black Dynamite Elevate Their Game in Stouffville

Entering into their second tournament, 14U Girls Provincial Cup, Durham Attack 13U Girls Black Dynamite were looking to extend Black Friday in Stouffville to Black Saturday.

The warm-up before the first game came with a special message from the coach about keeping your eye on the ball –> and Kylie certainly did that quite literally throughout the day.

The first opponent was the Galaxy Guardians from Toronto. It wasn’t long before the Galaxy found out that the Dynamite possessed warp drive. Even Captain Kirk couldn’t have helped the Galaxy escape the targeted serving of the Dynamite. The second set had the Dynamite a little slow to launch with their first lead not coming until mid-game (13:12). The game remained close but the Galaxy finally succumbed to the gravitational pull of the Dynamite and a final volley of strong serving. [25:12 // 25:20]

For the second match, in buzzed the Stouffville Stingers Gold. In the first set, the Dynamite once again served up a rally of strong serving and defensive blocking which helped dissipate this Stinger swarm. The second set was much of the same with the Dynamite’s serving game being the cornerstone. While the Stingers may float like a butterfly, they failed to sting like a bee. The Dynamite victory was as sweet as honey. [25:15 // 25:14]

The Dynamite had a bit of a wait for their third match but in bolted the Leaside Lightning. In the first set, the Dynamite didn’t take long to uncover the mystery of Lightning. The Lightning failed to get any charge going with the Dynamite discharging serve after serve, backed by nimble defensive play. The second set was very different and reaffirmed that Lightning can be unpredictable. The Dynamite were at times caught looking at the Lightning display taking multiple strikes. The set was very close with both teams thundering away back and forth…..…11:11, 18:18, 20:20. While it was an electrifying set, the Lightning realized AC/DC was Back in Black. The Dynamite stayed focused and calm taking the victory. [25:11 // 25:22]

While the Dynamite survived Lightning strikes, could they weather the next Storm? The environment on the court turned quickly to a “significant disruption to normal conditions” for the Dynamite. The Aurora Storm presented the Dynamite with a level of serving and defensive system not encountered before. The Dynamite never gave up and pressed on but the Aurora team took both sets handing the Dynamite their first defeat after 16 consecutive winning sets in tournament play. One was left wondering if there was a player named Katrina on the Aurora team. [14:25 // 13:25]

Next came the match for the Bronze medal against the Galaxy Rockets. In the first set the Rockets launched an air assault which took the Dynamite time to mount a defense. The Dynamite put a rally together and changed the momentum of the game but couldn’t hold off the Rockets. In the second set, the Dynamite launched a counter offensive taking an early lead. It was a see-saw battle right to the end with the Dynamite prevailing. A third set was required. Despite the diligent and persistent efforts of the Dynamite, the Rockets took the match. [18:25 // 25:23 // 9:15]

The 13U Girls Black Dynamite played a very strong 14U tournament placing fourth. It was obvious to all that their calibre of play and technical skills are growing and more importantly, their comradery is truly developing making them a TEAM to reckon with.

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