13U Girls Black Dynamite – Crusade in King City


13U Girls Black Dynamite – Crusade in King City

The Durham Attack Black Girls 13U travelled to King City for a 14U tournament. They were on a noble quest to write the next chapter in history in their 2015 Tournament play storybook. Team Dynamite was eager to expose any court jesters and prove that the lionhearted originate from Durham.

The first match was pitted against the Orangeville Elite Crush. While there are a plethora of adjectives and analogies to draw upon to describe the match, we will simply summarize with a small literary contribution to the King’s English — PIZZA’D!!! [25-8 // 25-5]

The second match presented the Galaxy Guardians. Unfortunately for them, they forgot to brush up on their quantum physics and Black body radiation. It wasn’t long before the Galaxy was pulled into the celestial abyss. Black Dynamite was transmitting high energy levels throughout both sets with coordinated passing and spiking. They created a hole that the Galaxy couldn’t get out of — the Black hole. Who knew that Stephen Hawking’s theories also applied to volleyball? [25-20 // 25-20]

Match three brought on the PVB Patriots 14U from Toronto. The prologue to this match had us wondering: could the 13U Black Dynamite slay this older Goliath team? While the Patriots fired their missiles, the denouement to the story came at the hands of Dynamite’s tough blocking and powerful spikes. A short epilogue: victory! [25-11 // 25-20]

Off to the semi-finals against the E 381 from Etobicoke. The Dynamite was facing a strong serving opponent and lost a close first game. The second set had Dynamite taking command with a controlled passing game and consistent serving. On to the tiebreaker. What a match!! It was a real see-saw battle with everyone on the edge of their seat. Etobicoke’s serving game garnered them the victory. We might want to recommend supplying emery boards at future tournaments as this match was a real nail-biter. [21-25 // 25-19 // 13-15]

The final chapter of the day was not yet complete as the Bronze medal match came next against the Aurora Storm Fury. Dynamite was once again facing a very strong serving team and managed to maintain control. Dynamite countered with strong blocking and several athletes had serving runs envious of any Vegas craps player. Unfortunately, it was not a fairy tale ending for Dynamite. [26-28 // 18-25]

While our Black Dynamite princesses may not have been crowned on this day in King City, they personify all that is good in the state of volleyball and are personal symbols of allegiance and unity to Durham Attack and to each other. Another strong showing in Tournament play—-a happy ending!

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