13U Girls Avalanche – Win SILVER at Challenge Cup


13U Girls Avalanche – Win SILVER at Challenge Cup

This was the inaugural away tournament for many athletes as we all made the drive to Ottawa. Everyone arrived Friday evening and swam, ate dinner – all which strengthened their bond as a team and deepened their friendships.

Many parents, family and friends watched and cheered our Avalanche athletes throughout the entire day at the Challenge Cup tournament in Ottawa!!

The girls were eager to get started as they warmed up for their first game against the Kingston Pegasus team. Each player had consistent serves and rarely did a ball from the other side, hit their floor. The Avalanche team was consistently executing plays practiced many times in the gym. The girls were victorious and won the set in two straight games, with scores of 25-15 in each game.

Our next opponent in pool play was the Ottawa Revolvers team. The Avalanche teams’ hard work, coupled with their talent, helped them to be victorious with a first game win, realizing a score of 25-10. The second game saw the Ottawa team change their strategies and they pushed our girls to dig deep. Our athletes fought for each point and were rewarded with a 25-22 win.

The Avalanche placed first in their pool and would next face the Ottawa Fusion team. After a long lunch break and first match by, the Avalanche team started the first game a bit sluggish and lost the first game by a score of 22-25. Coach Joel re-energized the team during the changeover and the girls’ efforts were rewarded with a 25-19 win. Game three began with the two teams trading points evenly. These shorter tie break games always provide the fans with “edge of your seat” plays and rallies, and this game did not disappoint. The determination of our girls shone through as their efforts were rewarded with a 15-10 victory.

The semi-finals saw us facing our sister team, Durham Attack Heat to play for a berth in the gold medal match. The first match saw the Heat fighting for each point and the first set was lost to them with a 16-25 final score. Our Avalanche team now knew that their fate rested firmly in their hands. The second game was a nail biter with our girls falling behind early. Coach Joel called a time out at the perfect time, as this break was all the girls needed to step their game play up several notches. Each serve, pass, set and spike helped inch them closer to the magic number of “25”. As the crowd cheered them on, our Avalanche defeated the Heat with a score of 25-19!! Another game three was up next and parents/fans alike were on the edge of their seat, with excitement. Again the girl’s momentum continued as they pulled ahead and didn’t look back as they prevailed with a win of 15-10.

This victory was sweet redemption for the Avalanche, as the team lost to Attack Heat, in the last tournament’s semi-final match up. Our girls played with drive and spirit which paid off by earning them a well deserved spot in the gold medal match.

With no break in-between, the girls headed straight into the gold medal match against our own DA 13U Black team. It was great to see so much black/red/white players and fans battle it out/cheer for gold and silver medals. Fresh off two, three game sets, the Avalanche were slow to get started and the Black team was gearing up for gold. The girls lost these last two games – but were thrilled with their Silver victory!

The Avalanche were celebrating their Silver medal win, along with their two sister teams. It was a clean sweep for the Durham Attack teams in the medal rounds, which saw the DA 13U Black win gold and DA 13U Red taking the bronze medal. WAY TO GO DURHAM ATTACK!!

Our girls are improving their skills and talent because of all the hard work they put into getting better. They have practiced, sacrificed, and stayed committed to improvement.

Well done girls, we are so proud of you – congratulations on your Silver medal finish!

CONGRATULATIONS also to our amazing coaching staff on your hard work and commitment to helping our girls develop their skills and confidence, and having so much fun doing all of it. Joel, Steph and Taylor – we have the absolute greatest coaches!!

Thanks also to all our parents who cheered with enthusiasm and who always give their full support to our entire team.

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