13U Girls Avalanche – Championship East : Bugarski Cup


13U Girls Avalanche – Championship East : Bugarski Cup

This first day of March saw our Avalanche team travel to Richmond Hill to participate in the Championship East tournament.

The match scores did not truly reflect the way our girls dug deep and fought hard in every rally. Their tenacity and determination shone through as they attacked each point with the same “can do” attitude.

During one game, we witnessed a fourteen count rally that was filled with many plays seen practiced by the Avalanche. The tip coverage, defensive spike returns and blocks were flawlessly executed by all of our athletes.

A solid effort was made by each and every member of the Avalanche and they took each play “to the wall”!!

We are all so proud of this young Team and our incredible coaches Joel, Taylor and Steph.

A special shout out to our parents who continue to support and encourage this team – and we even threw in a successful wave to cheer the girls on, after witnessing a spectacular point!!



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