• 13u Durham Attack Heat was up for the challenge at the 14u Girls Hawkins Cup – Trillium G

    Everyone up against the wall! This tourney could have been labelled “Best Use of a Public School Hallway”. All-in-all the nine teams and numerous families at the 14u Girls Hawkins Cup on February 22nd are commended for organization and politeness, managing in some tight quarters with their gear and lunches.

    For tournament play, Durham Attack Heat started the day off against Markham’s 14u Stingers Black. Ranked second heading into the tournament the Stingers literally served up quite a challenge. After a few tough calls and battling some strong serves, Heat lost both games (22-25 and 13-25). Match two against 13u Leaside Lightning was another challenging match. The girls were hammered by some tough serves, losing both games (22-25 and 9-25).

    Quality ball, and good communication had Heat holding their own, winning their next two games against the Toronto Diamonds (25-15 and 25-10). Next the girls lost match four after going to a tie-breaker (25-22, 15-25 then 9-15). To finish the day Heat came fifth, solid three-hit plays and resilience had them winning their last match (25-18 and 28-26). Way to go girls! You played some tough 14u teams and were certainly up for the challenege!

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  • Posted by Coach Martin on March 9, 2014 at 11:06 am

    I Love it! Never seen so many people eating in a tunnel before…


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