13U Blitz Brings Home Gold!


13U Blitz Brings Home Gold!

Attack On Two! Durham Attack Girls 13U Blitz won gold this weekend in Kingston at the 13 U Challenger Cup tournament. The team went undefeated during Pool play, coming out on top with 6 points. In the semi-final game, Blitz played two sets against Hyperion winning both and sending them to the Gold medal match undefeated!

The Gold medal match against Venom was a nail-biter, with energy levels reaching the roof, by both the parents and players!  The teams were well-matched during the first set, playing point for point, but at the end of the set, Blitz fell behind and lost 21-25. True athletes, these girls maintained their focus and spirit, coming out for the second game with a strong desire to win.  Their skill, consistency, and drive carried them through and Blitz came out to win the second set 25-19, pushing to a third set.  With parents, coaches and players on their feet, the girls battled hard through the tie-breaking game. Venom and Blitz continued to play point for point, each team driving toward that gold medal. The game was tied at 14 points apiece, but whether it was from the hours of practice, the physical training, or just pure heart, the Blitz team made it happen, winning 16-14, and securing the gold medal!  The emotional level of that gymnasium was incredible. Players, parents, coaches and spectators jumped up and cheered these girls who deserved every bit of this praise and encouragement. Throughout the day, the girls showed amazing teamwork and support for each other. They all truly have a love of the game and, win or lose, can’t wait to get out on the court for the next game. Even as the tournament champions, they showed class and sportsmanship, as they cheered for their opponents during the medal presentation. Durham Attack U13 Blitz is a team we can all be proud of, not only for their accomplishments but also for their positive character. Congratulations girls!
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